Video Marketing

Video is the perfect solution to provide a more distilled information about your products or services in record time. You can showcase your unique offer 60,000 times faster than it would take to read about it. By leveraging the visual and instant emotional impact of video, you quickly inform and connect with your target audience.

Because of the short attention span of visitors online, the information overload, and other distractions, a 10 to 30 seconds video delivers succinct content easy to digest, engage and requires less effort from the viewer. No wonder it has been said that video is the future of content marketing. The success of video streaming platforms such as YouTube receiving more than 1 billion of unique visitors each month is here prove the importance of video marketing.

Online Video Marketing

Unlike offline video marketing blasted through your TV set, online video marketing is less disruptive, can be target to the right audience and cost next to nothing compared to traditional TV commercials. Whether your videos are placed in your web pages, streaming from a third-party sites, your message can be easily matched to the information the web site visitors is looking for.

That relevance combined with the speed of message delivery through a video, makes video marketing one of the most powerful channel of inbound marketing.

How Can We Help?

Most people’s number one fear is public speaking, and putting yourself out there from the entire world to see can seem daunting. Rest assured that you don’t have to be an exceptional presenter to share your insights with your prospects online. If you can share your offerings with your best friend in clear terms in a casual setting, then you are set to deliver videos that connect with your target audience more than those flashy high-priced commercials.

We help you craft your message, record your videos and publish them to the right channels to reach your prospects then sift through the analytics to determine the effectiveness of your video marketing effort.